180° Makeup Mirror
180° Makeup Mirror
180° Makeup Mirror
180° Makeup Mirror
180° Makeup Mirror
180° Makeup Mirror
180° Makeup Mirror
180° Makeup Mirror

180° Makeup Mirror

Good Life Hax

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Hard to put on make up in the dark? No space for an extra lamp on your dresser? You're gonna love this one... 

This makeup mirror has 22 LED Bulbs that give off very bright and natural illumination, all controlled by a touch-sensitive switch on the screen. The tri-fold design and 180° rotation allows you to view multiple angles. You can also magnify certain panes on the mirror, which comes in handy when working on tiny details like drawing eyelines. When not in use, the storage tray can be detached, and the mirror also folds into two, which helps when transporting it, and also protects the surface. 


Magnifying Function
Two pieces are the original proportion mirror, a x2 magnification and a x3 magnification mirror, so that you can see your makeup more clearly, and it is more convenient when you make up.
LED Lights
LED lights illuminate the makeup environment so that you can clearly see your makeup in the process.
180 Degree Swivel
180 degree front and back rotate, you can arbitrarily adjust the angle you need.
Dual Power Supply
It can not only support USB charging but also can use battery storage, convenient and practical.
Lighted Touch Screen
The intensity of the LED lights can be adjusted very simply using the screen button.
Disc Tray
The circular of the tray makes the mirror stand firmly, and the tray is concave, you can put some stuff like lipstick in it, which are convenient for use. The storage tray is also detachable.


Item Type: LED Makeup Mirror

Material: ABS

Color: Black, White, Rose Gold (Optional)

Package Weight: Approx. 930-956g

Size: Approx. 280 x 160 x230mm / 11.02 x 6.30 x 9.06inch

Package Includes:

1 x LED Makeup Mirror

1 x 10X Magnification Mirror

1 x USB Cable

1 x English User Manual